Terms and conditions

By booking on to a GO London/ GO Venture LTD event you accept that you are participating in any activities of your own accord, entirely at your own risk & expressly accept that neither GO London/ GO Venture LTD or the organisers have any responsibility or liability for loss or injury.

You agree that GO London bears no responsibility for the accuracy of information regarding public transport, flights, costs, times and conditions of carriage or statistical, technical or safety specifications regarding equipment, facilities, timings or costing either on its own or others websites or documentation.
Though GO London/GO Venture LTD will endeavour to offer what it believes to be accurate information at the time of publication for any event, you agree that it is ultimately the responsibility of each participant or spectator to satisfy themselves of any accuracy of information direct with third party facilities, enabling companies or persons.

Dietary requirements, we endeavour to cater for all dietary requirements, but in some circumstances e.g. trips to remote locations this may not be guaranteed so please let us know your requirements prior to booking

Your booking, payment, actual or intended participation also indicates your agreement that GO London/ GO Venture LTD organisers reserve the right to change at any time & without prior or written notice the start, finish, duration, location, terms for any event or transportation it provides wherever the event organiser deems it, without a necessity to make refunds for doing so.

It is your responsibility to inform the event organiser about any relevant health condition including asthma, epilepsy or diabetes & to ensure you’re personally satisfied with any agreed actions relating to it. We recommend you take out appropriate insurance for any activities/travel that you engage in.

If you attend a trip it is your responsibility to read the kit list thoroughly and the event organiser has the discretion to turn away any person who does not attend with suitable clothing or equipment.

By signing up to a GO London/Go Venture LTD event or or bringing along additional attendees, you are confirming that you agree with the GO London terms and conditions and participation statement.

Any claim or dispute will be settled in a UK court.

Participation statement.

By booking on to a GO London event you confirm you are fit, have no pre existing medical conditions which will affect your suitability to participate in the chosen activity. You accept that there are risks involved and activities may be dangerous and could result in serious injury or death, you are responsible for your own actions or involvement. and accept that neither GO London or the organisers have any responsibility or liability for loss or injury, you understand that you are empowered to ask questions about the event and your suitability to take part.